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Right now I’m known as a guy that will happily get a girl that most men only dream of, simply by walking up to her, striking up a conversation and acting upon my intentions as a man. This has come to feel completely natural to me than the way I was always told (you know, by society) that I had to meet women by waiting for the right accidental occasion, for example when a friend sees it fit to introduce me or when everyone is inebriated in a loud and fake dramatic theatre called a nightclub, cut a long story short, it hasn’t always been so easy.

Like a lot of people I used to believe I would grow up one day, get a sensible job, have an office romance, settle down and have some kids. I then graduated from university, found a great job, and then realised I couldn’t wait for fate to take care of things. I had to be a man and sort myself out, so I questioned everything and went in search of a new way.

I always found the usual society-approved environments for meeting women quite fake and insincere. I thought meeting women, love and dating wasn’t supposed to be about being fake, in a night club, an enviroment desgined to make people act anything but themselves or over the internet, where your meant to represent your beautiful self through a few paragraphs and a best of album. I thought it was supposed to be a beautiful thing, genuinely connecting, this is when I stumbled upon the most well kept secret in our society, women hate all that too and only do it to get some superficial attention, they actually like it when a guy in a sober and natural state, pleasantly goes up to them and strikes up a nice genuine conversation, who would’ve though it? I even get girls asking me, why are there hardly any guys doing this?? I’m totally with them, we need to change this.

In the last 6 years I’ve been on a colossal journey that has changed me in every way, I can genuinely now say that I’ve mastered the art of meeting and attracting women back to the bedroom, my results testify to the great strides I’ve made from a shivering wreck around women, to a guy whose completely in tune with their wants and needs. I feel so liberated and grateful for having discovered this that I genuinely couldn’t imagine any other alternative. It truly is wonderful to be able to know that at pretty much any given day, any given time, I can go out and within an hour or two be with a girl most guys just look and dream about as she walks past them. I suggest you join me on this blissful path and take ultimate control of the most important part of your life as a man.

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