The Inner Game of Inspiration & Fulfillment : Shae Matthews


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Shae has been actively involved in self development and holistic health for over a decade and is well versed in a wide and varied array of personal empowerment techniques including; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Energetic re-patterning, Eastern health therapies, meditation and esoteric studies to name a few. He is also a fully qualified Massage therapist and personal trainer. Shae specializes in helping clients with their internal blockages unproductive belief patterns, to develop true confidence, inner power and rock solid positive beliefs. He brings great depth and lateral perspective to the Natural team and his unique set of skills allow him to assist clients on many levels.

As a coach Shae is a gifted communicator, able to condense complex theories into practical tools. He prides himself on his ability to get results and help those that are truly ready to help themselves, get to where they desire to be. His passion for women is second only to his passion for self mastery and helping others find their fulfillment, freedom and self expression.

“I know it can seem a daunting process to become the kind of man that gets the results you truly desire to be. During my life I have been through more than my share of challenges and frustrations in many areas. I know what its like to feel lost and uncertain about where to go and what to do next. Many times I have been faced with seemingly insurmountable situations and have had to summon all my resources to go beyond my limitations.

Through this process I have had to learn to break through to new levels of understanding and personal freedom. It wasn’t a choice for me it, was a necessity. I know many men face similar challenges of not knowing what to do from where they are and feel stuck in a place that does not serve them nor give them the life they would love to live.

Fortunately I have found many great tools along this journey that I have used to transform both my life and the lives of many others that have crossed my path. I take what works within my clients and make it stronger and help them build new strong beliefs and understandings that free them from their limitations.

It has been a long running goal of mine to share my gifts of personal growth and mastery with people that are ready to grow and become more self-expressive. It is my belief that we create our experiences with our thoughts, feelings, imaginings and actions and within each of us is everything we need to be all we can be. We are unlimited beings of amazing resourcefulness and once we own our moment of power and take responsibility for what we are being, doing and having we truly become the creators of our life experiences. There are no limits only perceptions and the way forward is through expanding into the unknown and mastering new levels of experience and potential. I look forward to contributing to your development…”

Peace and blessings.


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