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Product Description

Every Convention

Every Country

Every Time

Becoming the Ideal Man is no small task.

It’s a lifetime commitment to excellence.

From dating to health and everything in between – it’s all encompassing.

But making a lifetime commitment can feel impossible.

Men are lost and there is no clear way of making the commitment.

Before today, men were attending workshops, reading books and going to conferences at random.

While all of these actions are helpful, it lacks clear direction.

But now that is about to change.

A direction is clear and men don’t have to be lost any longer.

With a lifetime ticket to The 21 Convention, you have a chance to evolve as a man.

Not just for today, but for decades to come.

I’ll tell you straight from the start that this membership isn’t cheap, but if you’re ready to make a true commitment to your own success in life, read on and learn what’s in store.

The 2 Essentials To Success

All successful people from Mark Cuban to Elon Musk carry 2 essential character traits.

These traits are the building blocks to becoming the Ideal Man.

See how the lifetime ticket echoes each character trait.

1) Long-Term Thinking

Whether you are 18-years old or 68-years old, you’ve still got to think long-term.

There’s always time to make an impact and improve.

And while this may sound obvious, most people do not think long-term.

One of the major reasons for this is because nothing like a lifetime ticket exists.

Remember that today is only temporary. In the decades to come, what do you want to accomplish?

Make it possible as you attend each convention and grow stronger internally and externally.

2) Investing In Oneself

“You are the only asset you’ll ever have.” – Matt Hussey

The most successful people in the world are investing in themselves on a daily basis.

They do this because they believe in themselves.

If you believe in yourself, then it’s time to start making commitments that reflect that.

Nice cars and fancy TV’s will come and go, but your personal development will stay with you until the day you die.

Do something meaningful and make an investment that transcends today.

Join The Cause

The 21 Convention has been running since 2006.

Over the last 8 years, we have been to 3 continents, had over 90 speakers and held countless conferences.

In that time, the convention has evolved.

The pursuit of becoming the Ideal Man is at the forefront and men everywhere are getting on board.

If you get a lifetime ticket, you are no longer just an attendee, you are a member of the cause

You will get to help evolve the company right along with us as we carry on for decades to come.

Remember: This is a movement, not just a men’s conference.

Be a part of something bigger than bigger.

Exclusive Experience

Not only are you becoming a key piece of the convention, you are also going to get the VIP treatment for every convention you attend for the rest of your life.

This includes…

  • Full access to all VIP dinners.
  • Front row reserved seating.
  • Special recognition at each event. (Optional)
  • The ability to bring a father or son for free – forever.
  • And so much more.

This is the best product we have ever created.

We are giving you the keys to the castle. Open it and start to excel in ways you never thought possible.

Fill out the form below to speak directly with Anthony Dream Johnson, the CEO & Founder of the company.

Terms & Conditions

This is a lifetime ticket to The 21 Convention. Includes permanent access to all live events, anywhere in the world, at any time from The 21 Convention.

Store coupons do not apply to this ticket.

Non-refundable. Non-transferable, for original purchaser only.

Lifetime ticket includes full, VIP access to all 21 Convention events.

Also includes permanent front row seating with your name on a reserved seat, as well as full access to all VIP dinners provided by The 21 Convention.

Does not include access to products and services administered or otherwise provided by our speakers such as live coaching or paid workshops.

Notice : The 21 Store is closing down soon, as we are moving to a new platform. Please backup your previous downloads on the account page.