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TSL Online – The Ultimate Program to Be a Better Man. 90 day comprehensive online course produced and delivered by The Sexual Life.

The Sexual Life is an Austin Texas based company founded by alumni 21 Convention speaker and host, Steve Mayeda. Click learn more to visit the official course website.

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Steve Mayeda, founder of The Sexual Life, alumni speaker of T21C, and host of The 21 Convention Australia, on his program 

TSL Online – 90 Days to a Better Man

If there is one thing I really LOVE it is working with people.  I’ve been a coach for 8 years and the bottom line is I love it.  I can’t imagine any other life.   Working with men, giving them the opportunity to be more sexual, be a true expression of themselves and open their lives to a whole new world, is what I do.  Nobody is better at it than me.   And let me just say, it goes far beyond meeting a women, when I say we change everything, we change everything.  Your entire expression of self, physical, mental, emotional and lifestyle will change.

Now on the flip side, is there is one thing I HATE that is marketing.   I know what I teach is great.  I know that my groups get better overall life changes than any other course out there in the industry.  I know how unique TSL’s (the Sexual Life’s) results are.  But I hate how misrepresenting and overselling marketing in general is, let alone the ‘men’s improvement’ category.

So how the hell do I sell the flag ship program of TSL – TSL Online, 90 Days to Be a Better Man, without sounding like one of those horrible ads we are inundated with EVERYDAY?   It is literally the best 90 day program out there.  It out performs live workshops, masterminds, 3 day intensives and anything out there teaching – Social Dynamics or Self-help for men.

Well, let me just try and tell you what this course does and how it works.  If you like it you can click the link and read more about it and hopefully, if you’re ready to work, you make the commitment to do it.

What is TSL Online – 

The Sexual Life is not just a company or a philosophy but it is a group of people bettering their lives.  The inner group is like a massive family of people supporting each other.  TSL Online is our 90 day course that teaches you the application and philosophy to be begin this change of empowerment.  We meet up online like a community of great men bettering their lives.  We meet online nearly everyday of the week. .  We push each other, we have exercises and assignments, we strive for excellence.  Over the past 5 years of running TSL Online we have developed a movement of men.  A movement of men becoming Great Men.

This Movement worked by – 

Group Coaching Calls – Meet up online with you 3-5 days a week.  (You don’t need to be on all the calls, we recommend at least 1 a week.  But by all means, come on them all!  We have multiple calls to accommodate  our international client’s time zones)

Workbooks – TSL has 6 core workbooks, giving you the most airtight lesson plan and content for  Social Dynamics and Self-improvement. (Nearly 400 pages of content alone, complete with video tutorials)

Weekly Assignments and Exercises – 12 Weeks of direct guidance to move you socially, sexually and become a happy refined man.

The Group and Alumni – TSL has a base of over 200 Alumni who have been in your shoes and gotten to live their ideal.  It doesn’t matter what your experience is in life, TSL will get you to live the life you’re meant to live.  As long as you’re willing to work, you will change…you will massively change.

If that sounds good, TSL Online is worth checking out.

I can say this with all the confidence… 

(Confidence that comes from over 200 alumni and 5 years of running TSL Online) 

TSL Online will completely transform your entire life.   If you put in the work, 

In 90 Days

  • You will have a better Social Life
  • You will have a better Sexual Life
  • You will be Happy
  • You will be a part of a rock solid community of men
  • You will be a proud authentic expression of you.


If you like what you’ve read…well, click learn more.  Check it out and hopefully we will talk soon!

Steve Mayeda

Founder of The Sexual Life


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