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7 Laws of Wealth – An Individual Stimulus Plan for Surviving the New Economy : Ben Benson

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About The Book

If you’ve ever thought; “How can I own my own business and make a fortune?” then this excellent book was written for you. Its proven principles and step by step methodology to increased income and net worth are clearly outlined inside this book. Employees, Business Owners and Start-up Entrepreneurs will find a dynamic model that uncovers the unique knowledge and approaches of the world’s wealthiest business people.

Ben Benson is a serial entrepreneur and the author of a number of bestselling business titles. He is also the CEO of Sanrock Capital, a Private Equity firm based in London, England.

About the Author

Ben Benson is first and foremost a business person that is long on experience and short on hype. He manages several businesses both in the UK and America and is the creator of the 7 Laws of Wealth program.

Ben doesn’t just talk business, he lives it. He is an entrepreneur with active business interests in real estate, finance, publishing and venture capital. As a business ‘insider’ he is in touch with the tools and processes that generate true wealth. He will not only teach you what to think, but more importantly; what to do. He built one of his four businesses to an equity value of over £12 million in under four years, has interviewed over 200 of the ‘Times Rich List’ and written numerous articles and a number of books on creating wealth.

Ben is a dynamic speaker who tells it from his own experience. He has presented over 2000 seminars and consulted with senior managers at companies that include; Bank of America, Cisco, Federal Express, Hallmark, BMW, Kodak, Kimberly Clark, American Airlines and Ford.

The 7 Laws of wealth book and training program has grown out of his desire to identify the timeless traits of the world’s most successful individuals, and to offer a new perspective on wealth and prosperity. Every venture Ben engages in, provides opportunities for interested individuals with drive and passion to work along side him.

His mission is to educate individuals to realise a commitment to the ‘life of business and the business of life’, to help people recognise that wealth is a skill and a science that everyone has a right to.

Visit Ben at : http://www.7lawsofwealth.com


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