Congruent Exercise: How To Make Weight Training Easier On Your Joints

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Bill DeSimone is an experienced personal trainer, having started in 1983 at the Sports Training Institute in New York City, and now with his own studio, Optimal Exercise, in Cranbury, New Jersey. Along the way, he was certified by both the NSCA and ACE, and worked in corporate, commercial, academic, and private settings. His own training-induced injuries led to his unique approach, applying textbook biomechanics to conventional free-weight and machine instruction.

He first presented this material in a manual, Moment Arm Exercise, in 2004; and since then, in a series of videos on You Tube; at conferences for the NSCA, Club Industry, and High Intensity Training; and as in-services for studio and gym staff. In addition to one-to-one training in the studio, Bill consults with individual trainees worldwide. Via video, Bill reviews the trainee’s form on the equipment available to the trainee and provides an email or telephone consultation. Bill’s presentation, “Basic Biomechanics for Weight Training”, is available for conferences and staff training.

Contact Bill at optimalexercise@comcast.net. For new video and updates, subscribe to the Congruent Exercise You Tube channel and Facebook page.

“Your Workout Shouldn’t Hurt”

Weight training has undeniable benefits: improved muscle tone, strength, and self-esteem, to start. But it’s also undeniable that experienced trainees have their share of joint aches and pains, that lead at best to missing workouts and at worst to chronic injuries. People new to exercise hesitate to even begin weight training for fear of getting hurt.

And both new and experienced trainees have been seriously hurt in weight room accidents that could easily have been predicted and prevented. Can you get a stronger, toned physique without risking your shoulders, back, and knees? Yes, and Congruent Exercise shows you how.

You will discover :

• How the conventional wisdom in the gym compares to proper muscle and joint function;
• How exactly to perform both home and gym exercises to minimize the risk of injury, while making your effort more productive;
• The biomechanics of why and how that works.

Bill DeSimone’s new book CONGRUENT EXERCISE : How To Make Weight Training Easier on Your Joints is out. I must say, Bill has not only lived up to his already famous reputation…he has really outdone himself. The concepts are all still there, but have been clarified and are much easier to understand and digest. In my opinion this book should be required reading for anyone who trains themselves or clients, and it should be a key component of any certification program.

Doug McGuff M.D. Co-author of Body By Science, alumni speaker of T21C Bodybyscience.net

It is rare that I am truly excited by a book, that writing will really stimulate me intellectually, with sets of ideas that connect and make sense. I like it when that happens, when you find something “new” but which makes so much sense because it is not really new, it is obvious when you put the pieces together. It is the logic of it I like, when things hold together in consistent ways. Bill DeSimone’s new book, Congruent Exercise, is exciting me!

I will put up a proper review in a few days, but I am really savoring it at the moment. As I read each page there is a pencil in my hand and I am marking up key paragraphs…..then I find that I am marking the whole thing! In this new book, Bill is covering much of the same material that was in his first book – Moment Arm Exercise – but he has refined his presentation and the whole argument is very clearly presented.

Chris Highcock, author of Hill Fit, ConditioningResearch.com


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