Qualification and Showing Interest

Qualification & Showing Interest : Jared Laurence


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Psych set out to master the game and has made a rapid (yet incredibly difficult) transformation. Since entering the community, he has been ranked “best new pua” was a coach for the show MADE on MTV, has been a speaker at world wide self-improvement seminars, and has authored many articles, which include writing for Thundercat’s blog and The Seduction Bible, has gained degrees in Pedagogy (the science of teaching) and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Psychology.

As an author, “21 Convention” speaker, and Psychology Ph.D. candidate, he has learned, practiced or winged with all the big seduction gurus. Psych has learned every theory and style out there, created a massive social circle filled with beautiful women, had a long lasting relationship that consisted of couple-sarging (picking-up women with your girlfriend), and has traveled the world coaching men.

His method involves an easy, free flowing structure based on classic psychology and the progression of pick-up, as well as a natural style someone can call their own. Social proof, self-amusement, interesting conversation, and the ability to get women having fun and enjoying his presence in any situation is what he feels “game” is all about.

Psych uses teaching techniques and motivational tactics he learned while obtaining his degrees. A training session involves a relaxed, fun environment in which students obtain useful theory, which is then put into practice. After each approach, Psych goes over exactly what the student did right and wrong — allowing immediate improvement in the next set. His ability to break down a student’s interaction and find hidden sticking points is second to none.

However this wasn’t always the case. Throughout all of high school Psych was clueless when it came to women. The phone rarely rang for him. His passions included watching TV, reading comics, and spending every weekend playing the card game “Magic The Gathering”…by himself. But this all changed once he found the “community”. Now he’s ready to share all he’s learned with you.


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