Surviving the Game

Surviving the Game : Frederik & Yoram


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About the speakers :

Frederik has worked as a dating coach for both men and women since 2009. One of his central beliefs is that an initial flirt interaction projects the potential relationship in a nutshell. While a relationship will include all elements of the interaction, only the dose, timing and intensity of these elements will vary over time.

Consequently Frederik does not teach routines or speech patterns but rather helps people with finding, and enhancing, their attractive traits and learning to communicate those traits better.

Even though he has an enormous passion for coaching and experience as both a sports coach and university teacher, Frederik never aspired to be a dating coach but was asked to be one by the largest Dutch companies in 2009. He keeps developing his coaching skills by working with the best coaches in various fields and through his interest in NLP, hypnosis, psychology and human performance.

Frederik currently teaches on PUA Training bootcamps in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Yoram has been working as a dating coach since 2009. He has worked for various pickup-companies ever since, including for PUATraining, The Netherlands.

Yoram prefers to teach practical, actionable takeaways on how to act, and after a while BECOME the “most sexually dangerous guy in the room.” He finds that combining that with connecting to people on deeper levels than they are perhaps even used to, or perhaps have always been looking for, is the essence of what enjoyable and worthy interactions between men and women are all about.

He believes in “shedding all the bullshit” as much as possible…both in conversations and in intentions. In his eyes “…There’s a diamond to be found under ever pile of shit…and in order to get to the diamond you have to have faith it is there to be found in the first place.

Then you also have to be able to recognize the diamonds, and especially recognizing pieces of shit that pretend to be diamonds…Because in the end life is all about getting the diamonds you find worthy of going through shit for.” This philosophy can be found back in his teachings and his talks.


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