The 21 Convention 2014 Premium Ticket (Reg. $1,499)


This is a premium ticket to The 21 Convention 2014 of Tampa Florida. Includes complete access to the main conference, as well as access to the heroes dinner.

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Product Description

You. Three days. The world’s best speakers.
Culture. Philosophy. Health. Independence.
Fundamentals of human life. Foundations of the ideal man.

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The 21 Convention in 60 Seconds

More than an event, the most advanced,
panoramic event for men on earth.

At The 21 Convention we have an obsession with life. Not some of it, or most of it. All of it. It is for this reason that our live events are a sanctuary for a fully comprehensive, uncompromising approach to life. This unique vision is not simply an idea we talk about or encourage—our events are the living embodiment of it in their scope, focus, and range of ideas.

Designed with integrity. Engineered to perfection.

We don’t host conferences. We build events. And through them, life changing experiences. With insight spanning three continents, four countries, and ten preceding events to The 21 Convention 2014, every detail of this event has been meticulously crafted, designed, and engineered from the ground up to create an event for the future, available today.

A Premium Experience. Limited to 55.

As a participant you aren’t just another name on a list or seat to fill, you are an integral part of an irreplaceable experience. With a precise limit of fifty-five attendees for The 21 Convention 2014, we mean it when we say quality comes first and is of the highest importance to us. By moderating our audience size we establish and inspire an environment where speakers, staff, and you, the participant, can truly think big and interact in a setting of unprecedented personal exchange.

Meet the team

The complete roster. Click any speaker to learn more.

Become the hero of your own life.

The best minds. The best ideas. The best event.

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The Heroes Dinner. $250. Now included.

Can a single meal change your life? In concert with The 21 Convention, we believe it can. For the first time ever The Heroes Dinner – a face to face chance to share ideas with the world’s foremost experts on philosophy, relationships, and health – is included with your ticket at no extra cost.The food? Five–star. The company? Every available speaker of The 21 Convention 2014.

Day One Digital Download. $200. Now Included

The 21 Convention is a truly remarkable experience, but there’s no need to rely on memory alone to relive the talks from our speakers. All lectures are professionally recorded in stunning full HD clarity. From day one of release, ticket holders can download them in HD, SD, and .mp3 formats right here on The 21 Store. Your ticket doesn’t just get you in to the event – it allows you to own the event forever in high definition, at no extra charge.

Change Your Life in One Weekend

The best minds. The best ideas. The best event.

Save 33% On Tickets : Ends October 21st

What Alumni Are Saying

I’m the sort of person who spends a lot of time developing my ideas. I debate among my friends and answer all questions where I can, research further where I can’t, and consider myself to be intelligent. But, like the halo player back in the days of four player split screen multiplayer, I think I’m good until I get into bigger competition. The 21 convention has been that competition for me. Every time I have attended I’ve heard speeches and spoken with speakers who have caused me to completely re-evaluate areas of my life. Three years in a row I went back, but my career has taken me overseas and so I’ve had to follow the convention through YouTube. As a whole it has never disappointed me. I started downloading the MP3s of speeches and became addicted to the point that for weeks on end I would listen to nothing but 21C speeches. I still have my favorites that I come back to when I need a refresher course.

Consistently, what I’m most impressed with is Anthony’s ability to find and recruit talent for the stage. Most recently impressive to me was Greg Swann – the massively under-appreciated philosopher of self adoration. Thanks to Mr. Swann, I’ve had to change a piece of my dating philosophy that I’ve held against all opposition from every girl I’ve dated, to all of my friends, to my own parents for 10 years. Nowhere else, through no other medium have I found such great content – and especially in Greg Swann’s case – such great access to such incredible minds. It is the opportunity to see these great men communicate their message, and the great prospect of having the chance to meet some of them in person that has led me to purchase my ticket to this year’s event. I’m flying across the world from South Korea and I couldn’t be more excited.

– David B.

Three time alumni attendee

What to expect

  • ✓ Three, full eight hour days of keynote–style lectures.
  • ✓ Non–stop behind the scenes dialogue and face–to–face interaction with speakers and attendees.
  • ✓ Complete access to the private heroes dinner on Saturday evening.
  • ✓ Be among the first in the world to experience the presentations and ideas from this live event.
  • ✓ Determine the course of history for each lecture by asking questions to the speaker live.

Have more specific questions about The 21 Convention 2014? Check our FAQ page.

*21 is an estimated number of speakers for this event. We reserve the right to add or remove
speakers as seen fit, prior to the event, as well as during.

**Question and answer time per lecture is determined by management as well as the speaker. May not be available for all presentations.

Notice : The 21 Store is closing down soon, as we are moving to a new platform. Please backup your previous downloads on the account page.