The Science of Socialising

The Science of Socialising : Colin Alchemy


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Hailing from Scotland but having been brought up in Asia, Colin has a keen understanding of the social matrix. Being a Third Culture Kid meant he was always been keenly aware that the society they grow up in strongly shapes the views and beliefs people have in an almost subconscious way. Because of this he took a keen interest in understanding people’s true motivations and attempting to see the world through the individual lenses of a person rather than the cultural perspective that is imposed on most societies.

Due to being raised between two cultures, and the psychological tug-of-war that goes with that, he started high school and university quite unsure of who he was and what was expected of him. So he set about trying to figure out how to find himself and become more balanced and happy. This led him to investigate many avenues of self-help, therapy, spirituality, science, religion, and even the male dating advice subcultures. Within these he began to see patterns of problems that face men and women across the world – questions of the self, their place in the world, and what makes a happy life.

From there he developed theories of how to answer those questions and overcome the problems that come with modern world living – the result was The Harmony Model. He then founded Alchemy42 and drew together a team of the best specialists he could find across multiple disciplines to create packages and courses that help people go from zero to hero as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Colin can teach you how to understand the world around you from an objective point of view. He can answer most dating questions you can think of and can give you strategies for improving your dating life without becoming someone you are not. He can teach you to be authentic to yourself and your values and will help you become the most attractive version of yourself you can be both socially and in dating.

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